Paul Ducco is a Director, Designer, Animator and Illustrator based in Sydney Australia.

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Projects remain the property of all respective parties, clients, studios, production companies, puppies or guinea pigs. Thanks to everyone.

In order of appearance:
Tooheys Extra Dry Concept/Animatic – Flutter/21-19 : Direction, Animation
Right To Be Counted – All Things Considered : Direction, Design & Animation
Wynns 53rd Vintage – XYZ Studios : Animation Direction
Telstra 'Connected Home' – Flutter/21-19 : Co-Direction, Design, Animation
Veda 'Benefits' – Supernaut : Direction, Art Direction, Character Design
Google StreetView – Catfish : Direction (Art), Design, Animation
Race for the Chinese Zodiac – 21-19 : Direction, Design, Animation
Sustainable Melbourne Fund – All Things Considered : Direction
ABC Big Digital Things – All Things Considered : Direction, Design, Animation
Art Series Hotel 'The Art of Living Fearlessly" – All Things Considered : Direction, Design
Digital Post Australia – Sixty40 : Direction, Design
University of Melbourne 'Be Someone' – All Things Considered : Direction

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