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“Sacagawea is one of the ultimate female explorers. She not only covered vast distances, but also brought together cultures and made it possible for others to explore deep into a new world.” Sacagawea played a crucial role in the success of one of America’s most important exploratory endeavors. While her contributions were invaluable to the mission, she demonstrated to the world that females do have an important role in exploration. This expedition pays homage to Sacagawea and keeps her legend alive for the generations of adventurous women to come.

Our all female team of class five kayakers and survivalists will take the viewer on a unique adventure descending incredible, untouched virgin rivers and canyons. “Through Her Eyes” will show first hand what it takes to organize and execute a modern day expedition into uncharted territories. Throughout the journey, the viewer will connect and invest with all the characters in the group. Each woman has her story and her reason for choosing to live the life of a searcher, seeker and nomad; and, they are willing to risk it all to go where no man has been.

Our team is venturing into Brazil, South America’s biggest country and host of the 2016 Olympics. Brazil is in the international spotlight as a prospering nation rich in natural resources, culture and mystic.
Brazil is the perfect setting for an expedition with this kind of substance and historical value. Home to one of the most extensive river systems in the world, with river basins and mountain ranges littered throughout the 27 states, Brazil still remains relatively untouched.

Brazil guarantees to challenge our team to adapt and overcome. These women know that their passion for exploration is not easy, but the payoff is worth the pain. The bonds made between crewmembers, the gratification of running some the hardest whitewater in the world, and the sheer beauty of Brazil make for a one of a kind adventure film that will tell an inspiring story, not only of survival, but of women’s success in the world of expedition.

Our hopes for this project are that we’re able to tell a completely unique and compelling story that carries the torch for the late and great female explorers of our time. “Through Her Eyes” is a story that both man , woman and child can relate to and connect with on a person level. With the proper funds we’ll have the ability to capture the story in a unique perspective, and keep the film fresh and entertaining but keeping the viewing gasping for more adventure.

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