This is the inFamous Second Son trailer called Fetch I helped direct for the 2013 Gamescom event in Germany.

Main Sucker Punch Creative Contributors:
Dave Molloy - Director / Editor / 2D
Billy Harper - Director / Animation
Matt Vainio - Effects
Horia Dociu - Art Direction
Jason Connell - Lighting
Toby Tobler - Lighting
Jance Allen - 2D Animation
Brad Meyer - Sound
Spencer Alexander - Facial rig
Brian Fleming - Producer
And of course all of the animation, environment, modeling, lighting, effects and programing team members who helped.

Main Sony Creative Contributors:
Franck Deron - Editor
Kevin Joelson - Post Creative
Sean Thomas - Producer
Nathan Johnson - Music composition
Erik Buensuceso - Sound and mix
Jonathan Meyer - Music producer
©2014 Sucker Punch Productions/SCEA

Here is the original Sony Youtube post:

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