Part of my installation series 'Liar Liar', this piece involves a pair of blue jeans burning on a clothesline. The transformation of the pants due to the fire, and the transformation of the fire as it ravages the pants, shows the ephemeral nature of all things; no pair of pants will ever burn this exact same way. However, as video is a time-based medium, this single moment is able to exist forever in the present. Part of my 'Liar Liar' series.

I reversed the Múm song 'Scratched Bicycle/Smell Memory' from their album 'The Peel Session' to accompany this piece. The original, looping version of this piece is used for gallery display.

Made In Yugoslavia /
Pants On Fire /

Creative Director + Cinematographer: Geena Matuson
Fire Spinner + Production Assistance: Jeremy Day
Post-Production: Geena Matuson
Music: Geena Matuson (remix) of Múm - 'Scratched Bicycle/Smell Memory'

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