Hi everyone! FINNALLY part 2 is up lol! Everybody did such an amazing job, I'm so happy that I can share with everyone this part of the beauty and the beast project. Hope you all like it! Sub to these stars if you never have before! =)

FutureBelle: Belle - youtube.com/user/FutureBelle
Neoalpharob: Beast: - youtube.com/user/Neoalpharob
Timeyodie: Gaston- youtube.com/user/timeyodie
ThespianPeacock: Mrs. Potts - youtube.com/user/ThespianPeacock
Sgtheoneandonly: Lumiere - youtube.com/user/sgtheoneandonly
SliceOfDog: Cogsworth - youtube.com/user/SliceOfDog
LucariosKlaw: Lefou - youtube.com/user/LucariosKlaw
missbunniswan: Chip - youtube.com/user/missbunniswan
Edward James: Maurice - youtube.com/user/deloreanowner
Florelina59: Babette - youtube.com/user/florelina59
AssenaxActress: The Wardrobe - youtube.com/user/AssenavxActress
Genuinegirl05: The Bimbettes - youtube.com/user/genuinegirl05
NDLMongoose: The Narrator - youtube.com/user/NDLMongoose
FriedDinoChickenwing: Various Voices -youtube.com/user/FriedDinoChickenWing


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