We really did improvise here, definitely made the most of a bad situation!

The story is that we were going to be having our annual Hengrove Skatepark BMX competition a few weekends ago, we spent ages promoting and arranging the biggest and best competition so far. However mother nature had other plans for us! The morning of the event it looked like it was going to be AOK, we started setting up and as the first few people started to arrive and then skies OPENED UP.....

Knowing that people had traveled pretty (we had people from London, midlands and from down south) far we could not just tell them to turn around, the park was completely unrideable, quickly we decided that it would be best to get everyone to a local spot that features some nice flat open ground, shelter and a bank to wall. Within minutes we had a convoy of people heading down and the rest you can see in the video.

It turned out to actually be a really good day, it was far more relaxed and people enjoyed the street aspect of it. We have since tried to rearrange the Hengrove Jam but unfortunately the council don't want to spent anymore money and staff the event, so thats that...

Hope you all enjoy the video! Please like, comment and share it around. Give us your feedback via our social networking.

I also dropped loads of photograph of the event on facebook here - facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.584207841622710.1073741831.141662752543890&type=1

Filmed and Edited by Sam Wise

Instagram: CrucialScott

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