In 2008, Flame Schon came to New York to visit her old friend Ira Cohen, a fellow traveler and collaborator. Ira Cohen, the great poet, photographer, filmmaker & publisher, who called himself "the conscience of Planet Earth", was back at "home" after recently being released from a long and difficult hospital stay.

"...something told me to just shoot our visit, his reading poems, our sitting around and talking...with no thought of making a coherent piece. Just the awareness that these moments together were beautiful and it was worthwhile to capture them. We got together 3 times in his apartment, and so there is different feeling and clothes etc., but that didn't seem to be a drawback when I finally decided that I could put something together that would say simply here is my visit to Ira Cohen, end of September to the beginning October 2008. Here he is now (then), not totally as remembered by so many but still and essentially Ira. Uniquely Ira." - Flame Schon

Flame Schon, formerly known as Diane Rochlin, is a filmmaker whose credits include Vali, The Witch of Positano and DOPE - a vivid documentary of the drug culture in 1960's London. ( Since 1994, she has produced a large body of video work that have been screened at various festivals abroad, and annually at Currents Santa Fe - an international new media show in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she has lived for the past 24 years.
Her video, "Snow Advisory" (2000) was part of the print magazine Sensitive Skin

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At Home With The Majoun Traveler was shortened and reformatted for The Lower East Side Biography Project. For more information about Flame Schon's films and to purchase the full length version of At Home With The Majoun Traveler, contact Flame at

Ira Cohen (February 3, 1935 – April 25, 2011) was an American poet, publisher, photographer and filmmaker. Cohen lived in Morocco and in New York City in the 1960s, he was in Kathmandu in the 1970s and traveled the world in the 1980s, before returning to New York, where he spent the rest of his life. Ira Cohen's literary archive now resides at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University.

At Home With The Majoun Traveler
A film by Flame Schon
Ira Cohen
Mikki Maher
Kristina Berger
Lameisha Bullock
Raphael Cohen
Lakshmi Cohen

The Lower East Side Biography Project was created in 1999 by performance artist Penny Arcade and video producer Steve Zehentner as an ongoing biography series and oral history archive. The LES Bio Project’s biographies and archive will help to ensure that future generations have access to the mad souls of invention and rebellion that built the Lower East Side’s international reputation as an incubator for authenticity and iconoclasm in art, culture and politics.

The project seeks to stem the tide of cultural amnesia by bridging the cultural gap between long time residents and newcomers to the rapidly gentrifying neighborhood of New York’s Lower East Side. To this end, the LES Bio Project has a community-media training component where young filmmakers are trained in production and post-production technologies and then become shepherds of an individual oral history that they edit into a 28-minute biography. Since its inception, the LES Bio Project has trained over forty individuals, completed forty-five 28-minute biographies, videotaped dozens more interviews and live events.

The project’s biographies cablecast in New York City every Monday at 11pm EST on Time Warner Channel 34, RCN 82, FIOS 33, and stream live on Manhattan Neighborhood Network Channel One

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