A preview scene from RavensFilm Productions' feature length thriller THE FIXER, due for a 2013 release on DVD and digital download.

Longtime friends Vic Simmons (Nick Doetsch), a private investigator, and Simon Arnold (Gerritt Yank), a prosecutor, meet up to discuss some business and issues of friendship.

Victor J. Simmons is a private investigator dedicated to helping desperate people in dangerous situations. People call him "The Fixer." Luther Resnick is the menacing ex-boyfriend of Katie Bishop (Carmiña Elizabeth), the younger sister of a close friend of Vic's who tragically died years ago.

Featured music is "The Fixer Theme" by Robert Wayne Johnson (rjcomposer.com) and "Eyes I Dare Not Meet In Dreams" by Apocalypse Cow (callthecow.com).

Starring Nick Doetsch, Carmiña Elizabeth, Ryan Salzwedel, CJ Koenig, Lucy Arenberg, Jonathan Goodman, Michael Molloy, Heather Schlitt, Gerrit Yank, & Glenn Allen.

Directors of Photography
Eric Woltman • Allec Isshac

Production Manager
Robert Sokolick

Written, Edited, Produced, & Directed by
Nicholas J. Michalak

Featuring the music of Along The Parallel, Apocalypse Cow, Joe Becker, HEMI, Robert Wayne Johnson, Khaos Theory, Jim Luke, and Yana Stenberg.

©2013 RavensFilm Productions (SM)

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