THE STORY - Debut music video for 'All is Well,' music from The Exchange by Thaddeus Williams and Yara Brighton. To read (and receive your free digital copy) of the book, The Exchange: An Ex-Atheist and an Ex-Christian Square Off on God, Meaning, and Other Questions You Should Probably Care About (AIMBooks, 2012), click here:

SHOT + EDITED - Adam Hillyer
MUSIC - Thaddeus Williams & Yara Brighton
MIX - Brandon Lee
SPECIAL THANKS - Jocelyn Williams, Brandon Hurlbert, Cameron Morgan, Collin Mayjack, Gracie, Gwen, Dutchy, Hannah Efron, Joe Cohen, Josh Moore, Ryan Hacker, Amanda Leon, Chris Aguerro, Stephanie Stuck, and Natalie Batalof, Aron McKay, Jesse Hawkins, Sean Maroney, David Toney, & Bob Farnsworth

I will pack my disillusions in a bundle on a stick
And venture to the tracks to catch the boxcars in my head.
And I will ride with all the hobos, find our city on a hill.
When we get there we’ll be drinkin’ singin’ out that all is well.
All is well, Lord.

As we rumble through the orchards, through the cities full of hell
Down those long forgotten train tracks made of vigilance and steel,
We’ll ascend the sacred mountain for that city on a hill.
When we get there we’ll be drinkin’ singin’ out that all is well.
All is well, Lord.

But the engine’s spittin’ fire as we make our final climb,
Looking on the dark horizon for the city made of light.
I can see the first rays risin’ in the distance through the night.
I feel my heartbeat racin’ as the speckles become bright.
You know the lights are almost legible, I squint my weary eyes.
The city on a hill turned out to be the one of sin.

Here the mayor ain’t no Carpenter, there’s a rumor He was killed
By a mob of young professionals, lynched in their confessionals,
And then trampled by an elephant and dragged on out of town,
Replaced by a president who calls this holy ground,
With his finger on the button for the Shiite and the heathen.
Like Constantine with politics, he’s ushered in the kingdom
Where the comforts and the luxuries of living in the west
Are proof that God is on our side and Adam Smith knows best.
‘I’m on a roll now please don’t stop me,’ said the preacher to the man,
Then beat him with a dusty book wrapped up in a flag.
And as the blows rained down I could hear the preacher say,
‘All is well, Lord.’

Then we were shuttled off in cattle cars, shipped on out of town
To the gulags in the mountains to look for diamonds in the ground.
When we find ‘em they’ll spit shine ‘em for the Emperor’s new crown
To wear with Caesar’s purple when the circus comes to town.
That’s when I saw it in the distance risin’ up above the trees,
A pin of light so beautiful it brought me to my knees.
It was a small and blinding fire rising slowly from the south,
The Man that they had left for dead with a sword in His mouth.
And with Him came the legions of the martyrs and the poor,
The long forsaken victims of the beast and the whore.
All regenerate degenerates assembled on His flanks,
But the legions from the city came to meet Him with their tanks.

Then the towers that once stood like middle fingers to the sky,
They melted like sandcastles in the sulfur ocean tide.
And in the glorious inferno I finally glimpsed the beams
Of that long awaited city purged of emptiness and greed,
Where we’ll be drinkin’ with the angels singin’ out forevermore,
All is well. All is well. All is well.

EQUIPMENT - Canon 5M Mark ii, Canon 24-105mm f/4, Canon 50mm f/1.4, Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8, Rhino Steady, Manfrotto 701 head w/ 502AM legs

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