A decade or two ago auto leasing used to be a luxury or a way to get into a more expensive car of you didn't have the cash for it. Today, leasing has a new meaning: It's simply a way to get into a decent car at a decent price -- especially if you're a young professional just starting out in your career. It's for this reason credit unions can really prosper from auto leasing as more and more members may be looking to upgrade their wheels. Leasing is a great opportunity to get into a quality car at an affordable price.

To get the inside scoop on this trend, we invited GrooveCar's President/CEO David Jacobson on the program to provide us with how credit unions can really take advantage of automobile leasing. David discusses the startling 125% climb in nationwide auto leasing since January 2013 (248% increase in May 2013 compared to May 2012) and what this massive growth means for credit unions. Can you say "opportunity knocking"? We also touched on why leasing is a perfect product for our current economic environment and how more and more members are looking to lease rather than buy. David has all the answers and more. Check it out!


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