This is a photogrammetric reconstruction of 'The Brain', in the collection of the British Library. It is extremely fragile and hence not on public display.

According to Kathleen Doyle, Curator of Illuminated Manuscripts -

"The manuscript is a copy of the Decretals of Innocent IV, a canon law text. It was damaged in the fire in Ashburnham House in 1731 where the Old Royal Library and the Cotton Library were kept, but unlike most of the other manuscripts damaged in the fire, was not restored but was left in its burnt and shrivelled condition as a specimen of the former condition of the many of the other manuscripts before restoration. It is written on parchment, and has a few illuminated initials. It was in a monastic collection, probably at St Albans."

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The model was generated using VisualSFM and Meshlab, textured in Maya with Oleg Alexander's texture projection tool [] and rendered in Mantra.

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