ROLE: Editor and Colourist

This is the intro from the film. It's a take on consciousness. 4 characters, A Sculptor (Antony Gormley) , 2 Neuroscientists (inc. Beau Lotto) and an Internet Entrepreneur explore the subject using 4 very different angles.

Director: Alex Gabbay

Web Site: _ Contact: Michael Treves - JMT Films Distribution _ _

FULL SYNOPSIS _ Consciousness defies definition. Perhaps no aspect of mind is more familiar or more puzzling than consciousness and our conscious experience of self and world. _Why are we so interested in consciousness? Most people are interested because of their personal experience - we have consciousness, we experience it; perhaps we even think that we ''are'' it. But, if we are to make progress in understanding consciousness, we will have to think about it very clearly, and engage in serious constructive dialogues between varieties of viewpoints. _ Filmmaker Alex Gabbay invites a sculptor, two neuroscientists and a technology entrepreneur to explore the part consciousness plays in their respective fields. Set against a lingering score by Wajid Hassan and witty use of visual material, the film creates its own narration out of fascinating interviews. _The film aims to provoke a spirited debate by actively seeking serious opposing views, from cognitive and perceptual science, technology and art. By the end of the film there is some interesting consensus and conclusions

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