This summer my brother-in-law and I planned a cycle trip around the western Isles and coast of Scotland. We planned to cover 400 miles in 7 days and free camp the whole way.

We averaged around 60 miles a day and broke through some physical and mental barriers but came through enriched by the experience. There is an incredible mysteriousness surrounding the Scottish highland in which there is extreme remoteness and desolateness contrasted with the busyness of Glasgow.

We saw some of the most beautiful and breathtaking scenery the UK has to offer and I will never forget the experience.

With 60 miles a day as our target the trip felt considerably fast pace, despite just traveling by bicycle! However, there were also moments of complete calm, beauty and stillness! I aimed to try and encapsulate this with this video.

Thanks to my brother-in-law for all the amazing memories and the adventure, here are the highlights!


Filmed with the Canon 60D and a GoPro Hero 2.

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