Rullo 1. This was written on this reel: “artigliere – batteria - danza di fucili – Munir-funerale”
This footage was taken at the Martyr's Festival, the children of martyrs are dancing the dabka.
Abu Saleh is the man with the white hair, member of Fatah Central Committee, and Foud Ashowbaki one of Fath carders, are sitting in the first line. Women dancing with rifles, men playing bagpipes, Abu Saleh, Um Ali (Um il thawra from Shatila camp also known as the 'martyrs mother') who lost 4 sons is dancing in front of Abu Saleh; the other older woman dancing with the martyrs children group is Um Mohammed.
Martyr's Cemetery(on outskirts of Shatila refugee camp), a funeral procession(Munir?) with Mahmoud Darwish, Abu Saleh, Um Ali and many others in procession to the Martyr's cemetery.

Courtesy of Emily Jacir, Monica Maurer and Johnny McAllister, AAMOD, Roma.

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