Another Anamorphic Lens test using RAW on the Canon 5DmkIII. Using both a Sankor 16D 2x and Panasonic LA7200 1.33x anamorphic lenses. The Sankor will vignette for 50mm and below, so for wides I use the LA7200. ISO was set at 3200 but I think it's too sensitive and picks up the sensor noise pattern. I can't remove it so you will see the vertical bands of the sensor. I think ISO 1600 is the max for this sensor, anything past that and the vertical bands are a problem. ISO 800 seems to be the best compromise. However shooting into dark night with no lights is a problem, even with fast lenses. And then there's the issue of using an anamorphic lens which needs to be at F4 to be in focus, and there are all kinds of problems shooting at night.
Sankor 16D w/ Olympus 135mm F3.5, Jupiter 11 135mm F4, Jupiter 9 85mm F2
Panasonic LA7200 w/ Nikon AI 50mm F1.8, Olympus 35mm F2.8, Canon 16-35mm F2.8L
Music by Herb Ohta Jr - Na Pua Lei 'ilima, 'ukulele Nahenahe

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