Our story begins in Musoma, a town in the Mara region of Western Tanzania, on the banks of Lake Victoria. Musoma plays host to a charity called the Lake Victoria Disability Centre (or LVDC for short). The place is run by a man named Dennis Maina, who does great work down there, organising the centre to care for those with a wide range of disabilities; from major physical impairments and learning difficulties to the blind and deaf.

In Tanzania as a whole, the national average of people with disabilities is 4.5%. In the Mara region, this figure skyrockets to 13.2%. This is caused by a number of factors, all of which we will fully investigate.

Across East Africa there is a huge stigma attached to the disabled population – they receive little to no healthcare and are unprotected by government policies. Just 7% of disabled adults have a livelihood, and 5% of disabled kids go to school. They are frequently castigated by friends and family, and struggle to achieve any real quality in life. Many live in extremely difficult conditions, struggling every day just to stay alive.

This is our pitch video for the crowdfunding website Sponsume (you can see our project here - sponsume.com/project/their-shoes), promoting our new feature length documentary about the difficult circumstances faced by the disabled population. The film will investigate these living conditions, and explore the stigma around disability in general; why is it so prevalent and can we, by addressing it, help to solve it.

Please watch the video and let us know what you think. If you have any donations to give to the cause it would be very much appreciated, if not - please share it through as many social media channels and websites as possible.

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