El Dorado☀.

Forget El Dorado
I’ve found my own path of gold and it contains no gold
Featuring peace of mind, societal harmony and nature’s allure
It is a true wonder to behold
Tiwanaku, Göbekli Tepe, Timbuktu and Chachapoyas – cousins
Together they share bountiful knowledge
Visit any time you like
Museums and dramatised shows cannot convey their true majesty
No need to be Indiana Jones to enjoy their thrill
Of this torturous corrupt existence I’ve had my fill
The path that has always been waiting lies exposed
What I’ve been waiting for God only knows
Since we are all gods, I’ve now realised
The coming of the awakening has metastasised.

An exclusive poem for you all from The Poet.
Taken from 'A Wealth Of Memory'.
Kehinde Sonola © 2014

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