This experimental abstract short film is based on the idiom, "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil"

In the time of birth, everyone is pure. And where does all evil come from? People over consumption of food and drinks, where does this gluttony come from?

Anger is too strong for one's control. It is natural for one not learning to control emotions and lusts, resulting to become a sin.

Pride is an inflated sense of their personal accomplishments, maybe too much for the weak to handle. Procrastination is the most common among us all. We use excuses to abuse our own pcychological barrier cheating ourselves into believing in our own weakness, laziness creeps up and tangle us down to achieving greater heights.

Lastly, envying someone will just portray in a person's mind that, nothing is fair on this world. Doesn't mean you're the last if one is born in a better situation than you. There will always be someone watching you from the back, envying you. It is always brighter on the other side, we just don't realise it one our side. The one responsible for this, society.

Don't look for it or you will only imagine that you had found it.
Don't judge on what is happening or you will eventually think you are hearing it.
If you are unclear of any situation, keep quiet and don't pass any confusion to anyone. It'll spread like wild fire.

Director: Alan Geoy
Director of Photography: Ben Teaw
Camera Assistant: Ko Swee Kheng
Producer: Charles Looi
Assistant Producer: Keane Tan
Art Director: Vanessa Ong
Assist Art: Wong Jin Cheng
Grips: Austin Theng x Shawn Ong x Ben Lim
Editor: Alan Geoy

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