Quad is the easiest way for groups to chat, organize and share anytime, anywhere.
Here's our latest video for Quad.

Once upon a time, on a campus not too far away, college life was perfectly average in most every
way. The students were busy studying, the professors professing, the zombies deep in their zombieing all was coalescing.

But disaster struck at that month’s Official Horde Meeting, attendance was down, and the mood was quite defeating.

There was cause for improvement, cause for organization, cause for an event to unite the zombie nation.

“Quad!” groaned a fresh young zombie man. “Let’s talk to the horde, let’s make a plan”

No more forgotten meetings, no more messages lost in the shuffle. Quad would keep the zombies connected during their daily undead hustle.

So the zombies came together, uniting for a cause and the humans couldn’t ignore the increased zombie activity in the halls. Where there was previously one zombie, now there were two. Zombies were plentiful, where they had once been few.

“Quad!” exclaimed a freshman, in a frightened tone. He had discovered the zombies group, right there on his phone.

The zombies were planning something, something quite large. So the humans came together to plan how to take charge. They were students and scholars, they needed their brains. They wouldn’t be beaten by a crowd of rotting remains.

And so the time came, one fateful sunday afternoon. The humans charged the student center, where the zombies reserved a room. But oh my, what an embarrassing mixup. The undead weren’t preparing to attack; they were having a mixer!

Client: Quad
Production Company: LooseKeys
Copywriter: Natalie Mueller
Creative Director: Brad Chmielewski
Illustration: Rania Abouzid, Jake Williams and Brad Chmielewski
Animation: Rania Abouzid, Jake Williams and Brad Chmielewski
Sound Design: Maeve Price
Voice Over: Clutter Ash

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