MJJB For All Time Part I
This fanmade tribute of Motion Picture America of Movie Cinema Entertainment is rated:
“PG: Parents Guidance Suggested
(Some Material May Not Be Suitable For Children) (For Some sensuality situations, mild peril adventure effects, and dance suggestive performances)
Running Time: 1 Hour
Worldwide Ratings Certifications (Classications):
(London, England) UK: U,
(Seoul, Incheon, Jinju, Jae-Ju Island, Kwang-Ju and Daegu) South Korea: 12 (Hi-Fi), Japan: PG-12, (Munich) Germany: 12, (Moscow) Russia: PG,
Mexico: PG, USA: PG, Spain: PG, (Paris) France: (All Audiences) Canada: PG
Now Live at here on VIMEO site is now released everywhere in the worldwide near you.
Inspire to:
FOX11 News Broadcast
Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, United States
MTV Music Television
Best Immersive Expensive Movie Theatrical Mystical Cinema Film with best documentary Event Entertainment Making of the Year.
Starring: Jeffrey Sunny Baek, Michael Jackson, Chris Sang Phil Lee, Ashley Schlachter, Sean Darley,
Rohan Ramanan, Shannon Booth, Josh Kupanoff, Miriam Chen, Peter Gilroy, Kevin Han, JJ Han, Alex Garber, Ashley Sheir, Riann Simmons, and more.
Bad including: Wesley Snipes as Mini Max
Filmed all the entire locations in this video:
OC Orange County
LA Los Angeles County
Santa Barbara County.
Albert Lee
Julie Paik
Featuring filmed 4 best new footage fanmade music videos of Michael Jackson:
“Beat It” at Woodbridge High School, Irvine, CA, US (Dated: May 26, 2013, Sunday)
“Earth Song” at Jeffrey’s Private Home of Living Room, Irvine, CA (March 2012)
“Man In The Mirror” at Brywood Elementary School, Irvine, CA (Dated: April 12, 2012)
“Monster” at Northwood High School, Irvine, CA (Dated: June 4, 2013)
“Hollywood Tonight” at Jeffrey’s Private Home in Backyard, Irvine, CA (Dated: Winter February 2013)
“The Way You Make Me Feel”, “Bad” and “Billie Jean” at St. Angela Merici Church, Brea, CA (Dated: April 27, 2013, Saturday)
“Stranger In Moscow” at Dormitories Room at UCSB University of California Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA with featuring with real voice by: “Jeffrey Baek’s real childhood as he was a 0 age infant baby crying hearing since audio taped in Spring 1990 as Jeffrey’s very first legendary old classic movie released taped by his grandpa
“Billie Jean/Billie Jean 2013 Edited by (Immortal Megamix Version), Smooth Criminal-Moonwalker, and Thriller” at Pavilion Gymnasium Stadium, UCSB University Southern California of Santa Barbara, CA in Santa Barbara County (Dated: June 28, 2013, Friday) (Tickets all expensive last concert tour sold out show release party)
“Black or White” at Walnut Senior Center, Walnut City, (Walnut), CA in L.A. Los Angeles County (Dated: December 4, 2011, Sunday) (COF Circle of Friends Christmas Release Party Show)
Including: Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara filmed old video of Michael Jackson’s Private Home Movies with his little friends children visitors scenes and Macaulay Culkin as star of Kevin McCallister as Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York with his sibling Kieran Culkin
Even “Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration Anniversary Invincible Concert Tour”
Live at the MSG Madison Square Garden Stadium Theatre in New York, New York, USA
(Filmed: 2001)
-Jeffrey Sunny Baek’s Pre-25th Birth Anniversary Celebration Legacy Logo for 2014
-Introduction (History Teaser)
-Interview with Jeffrey Baek by Albert Lee at UCSB June 27, 2013, Thursday Night
-Stranger In Moscow
-Jeffrey Baek interview with his best friends at Northwood High School (2013 Filmed)/Greets Pinocchio Riann (2010 Filmed)/Bonus LOL clip: PSY Gangnam Style Music Video example short second scene
-Earth Song
-Black or White
-The Way You Make Me Feel
-Billie Jean
-They Don’t Really Care About Us
-Beat It
-Dangerous (Live Version at Brunei)
-Hollywood Tonight (ft. Neff-U)
-Human Nature
-Michael Jackson’s Best History Memories Flashback:
* Michael Jackson and his brothers Jacksons at Live Billie Jean at Victory Tour in 1984 MTV
* Can You Feel It (Live at MSG, New York, New York, US) (2001)
* Stop, The Love You Save
* I’ll Be There
©Copyright2013 Jeffrey Baek Broadcast Live, MJJ Fanmade Optimum Legacy Tribute Release FBI WORLDWIDE WARNING All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorized copying is a punishable under federal law. ™
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