We set up on a field by the train station in a small city in East Germany called Sonneberg. According to the local believers, there are very few believers in this area and most are atheists - which is common in in East Germany. The audience that came were very rowdy and many were drunk and mocking. One guy kept blowing a duck call, especially during the serious parts of the show. Others laughed or talked loudly and I could hear all this while I was laying in the coffin and praying about what I should do.

I felt like I should go right to the most aggressive part of the crowd and preach. So I told Kersten to take the torches and stand right where all the crazy metal/punks were yelling. I walked into the crowd right up to the most crazy mocking guy in the group and looked directly at him and told him that he was not an accident and that God loved him. He stopped mocking and listened and so did everyone else. I preached with my arm around his shoulder in fact!

Afterwards I asked people to raise their hands if they wanted to know God and many raised there hands and the band and local believers prayed with many people after the concert. The show reminded me of the early days when I played in a lot of punk clubs. Sometimes the most aggressive ones are the ones being touched the most.

It was a great night.

David Pierce

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