A seven part fable across time, following the trail of the mysterious Brainstone and his influence on history.
Part I - the dawn of time. The birth of the Brainstone.
Part II - the dinosaur era. Fed by ants, Brainstone begins to grow in both size and power. Starved, the dinosaurs are reduced to skeletons and then harvested into crude oil by the Brainstone.
Part III - In the garden. A and Bee are enticed by the serpent, who tricks them into a never ending game of snakes and ladders.
Part IV - The Brainstone's Lair. The riches of oil were not enough, the now gigantic Brainstone has created a genetic research lab in which he experiments with creation. The resulting mutants begin their march to the surface, taking a boat cruise to paradise. But the cruise only goes two by two. Sadly one gets left behind.
Part V - Citagaze. The beasts have evolved into more civilised species. They walk upright with smart canes and live in houses. However they have grown wary of all that is different.
Part VI - Birdman. Man's drive to prove nature wrong. The Birdman trys to mimic a passing eagle but fails. Alas, you are what you are birdman, and will never be a true bird.
Part VII - Antropolis. The insects work 9-5 for the man to possess riches that they will never have time to enjoy. Disgusted at their greed and all he has created, the Brainstone returns his kin back to their origins, restoring the balance.

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