The mexican gulf has become a major source for Oil reserves and the monster government owned enterprise Pemex is currently undergoing a major reform against the mexican people's will and rights. Some people are going out to the streets to protest, and others prefer a more nature-oriented approach to look at the bright side of their massive oiling network.

This particular rig has been abandoned and has not been given maintenance for the past few years; the strong currents loaded with nutrients are a feast for the sponges covering the whole structure, which then attract various fish species to this marine sanctuary located 18 miles off shore. Gigantic Tarpon schools gently hover inside the structure in the cold february and march season, followed by a constant visit of big barracudas, schools of jacks, mackerels, the plaguing lionfish and several other common reef species. Whale sharks and Manta rays have been spotted on rare occasions, but the structure itself takes your breath away by just looking up from 30 meters deep in the blue

If you ever wanted to get a feel of what deep blue water current diving is all about, this short videocumentary will have you on the edge of your seat !

If you want to dive this place, check out the info in the ending credits !

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