This short video addresses food security and how your support of United Way of Peel Region helps move people from poverty to possibility.


Did you know that one in five children in Peel are living in poverty?

By 2011 23% of peel residents had been depending on a food bank regularly for 2 years. Many of these people go to bed hungry and may have been doing so for months, years, or even since childhood.

They are caught in the spiral of poverty.

Many households in our region are experiencing what is called food insecurirty. Food security exists when all people at all times have physical and economic access to affordable and nutritious food to meet the dietary preferences and needs for an active and healthy life.

Many people in our region don’t have this luxury.

Since 1980, the region of Peel has increasingly moved from a middle-class suburbia to income extremes. And services for the poor are being stretched to the limit.

United Way of Peel Region is working harder than ever to help those that are struggling with poverty. We create both long-term and immediate solutions to these issues.

With your help, United Way invests in
• Children and youth to prevent poverty
• Individuals vulnerable to falling into poverty
• Investing in individuals experiencing poverty
We work with community leaders and government to make sure there are policies in place that lift people from poverty and build their independence. Because we know the difference between giving someone a fish and teaching them to fish.
Together, we can move people from poverty to possibility.
Change starts here. Change starts with you.

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