Lórien Eck's mixed media paintings are infused with spiritual insights that act as a catalyst to transform and inspire individuals and the global community. Her work explores the interconnection amongst the Eternal, the cosmos, the natural world and human consciousness. Lórien holds an M.Ed. from St.Lawrence University. Her work has been shown internationally.

My inspiration for this new collection of paintings is the element of water. You most likely know that water comprises over 70% of our bodies and about 70% of our planet Earths' surface.

My passion for water is many layered. Firstly, water "in-spirits" me, inspires me to create, to feel, to allow my spirit to BE. Growing up near the ocean and the fact that seashores have always (and will always) be a very healing, cooling and nourishing place for me to BE. Embracing fluidity and stillness in my life process, resting in vulnerability and surrender allowing old thought/feeling patterns to bubble up and dissolve.

This life process is necessary to go through for me vs. the avoid-dance, catalyzing catharsis to create my art from a place of authenticity and true beauty.

Introducing Selenite, a mixed media presence

Selenite is a hydrous calcium sulfate mineral. Selenite is named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene because of its soft white light and many healing benefits. The crystals' striations (fine parallel grooves and narrow bands) are the pathways for the illuminated substance of Spirit. Due to the saltwater formation of selenite, we resonate with the very essence of this crystal. Selenite is extremely sensitive, and acts just like "liquid light" from the angelic realm and universe. Selenite has a direct effect on the emotional body and activates aspects of our essential nature.

Music by
"Lullaby" by _ghost (freemusicarchive.org/music/_ghost/ccMixter/ghost_-_Lullaby)

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