Selected Artwork for QEPrize Showcase for Modern Engineering

The QEPrize celebrates and promotes engineering achievements from bridges to broadband and from fashion to fusion. As part of that mission the Engineering Party will showcase the wonder of modern engineering.
"...Finally, we have included installations such as ‘Floe’ that appear more whimsical and poetic, and yet in capturing the beauty and complexity of the world they may have within them the potential to influence and improve life in future."

Floe Version 2.0: Application for Lighter Environments @ Tate Modern, London
June 25, 2013


“Floe" embodies the shape and movement of ice drifting on the surface of the North Atlantic. In this region shards of ice drift freely along the surface of the water slight changes in tide and intense northern lights bring life to the environment. The team looks into nature and human emotion for inspiration, and builds on the beauty and complexity of the world around us.

Floe 2.0 uses a stepper motor programmed with Arduino and a proximity sensor to track the presence/detect the distance of the audience in the environment. The piece stands out as an almost static delicate art piece in the gallery space, until a viewer comes to a certain distance to the piece, then the structure comes to life and its artificial light dims out to a more natural state. This shift from "art piece as an object in a gallery space" to "art piece as a living form in public space" is the essence of the interaction Floe constitutes.

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SOUND DESIGN: Oluwaseyi Sosanya & Ozgun Kilic

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