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Winner of "Best Producer" and "Best Film 2013" at Gloucester College, "*Ring - Ring*" is the story of a teenage girl who has her entire life changed when she wakes up one morning in her home blind and alone. In order for her to get help she must answer her phone which is ringing from somewhere within her house. As she navigates her house using the sound of the telephone she stumbles and accidentally walks into walls. She begins to wonder if she is even in her own home at all. This film is about how people like us take our vision for granted and how our lives would change if we were to wake up one morning without our sight. I trust this film isn't very easy to follow as I have made this film very open so people take away from this film what they want to. If you don't understand the film that is fine, the fact that you are here watching my film means the most to me and I thank you for taking the time ;D

Directed by Jack Blanch
Written by Liam Williams & Jack Blanch
Edited by Callum Smith
Produced by Danny Collins
Cinematography by Joe Edwards & Jack Blanch
Sound by Joe Edwards & Danny Collins

Music (in Order)
Lord RAJA - Dipteres Pt. 2 (oddlogic remix)
The Album Leaf - Window
Halo 4 Soundtrack - Green and Blue
Mass Effect 3 Soundtrack - An end, once and for all
Sigur Ros - Saeglopur

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