"The distinction that's new, and that we didn't used to make, is that something can be deterministic but not predictable. We tend to think they are synonyms but they're not.

Something can be obeying some law of nature but it's not predictable because what it's doing is so complicated that the time it would take you to calculate what was going to do would take longer than the thing actually doing it.

So you could compute it but you can't compute the world any faster than it is happening."

Rudy Rucker, in interview, 2007

Connections is an experiment of emergence generated by computational code. Emergence is the observation of how complex and coherent patterns can arise from a large number of small, very simple interactions.

The experiment consists in particles that connect when placed at certain distance. The distance is variable and the particles move randomly and independently, generating complex forms that are continually changing.

Developed with Processing.
Music: Descanso de Tela by Chico Correia & Eletronic Band

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