445 Prophecy

PART 1: Signs and wonders. Looking at two references detailing great change that would happen in the world to come. What would be the information contained in these passages in the Brit Hadasha that we would find useful? What would be the information that would prepare our hearts? In studying prophecy a person must look at the big picture. Once we look at the broad picture we can look for details. The details are the markers that allow those who have eyes to see and ears to hear sight into what is coming. The only way a person can be a good detective dealing with prophecy is if they take the bible as a whole. If you are a NT person and do not study the foundation in the Tanak your conclusion will be in error. We will take a Hebrew roots look at two end time references from Yeshua.
Section 2: Prophecy from the word is the truth from Heaven. For Yehovah so loved us that He not only gave us His one and only Son He also gave us Prophecy. Not the silly oh you’re going to get a house or a big car. Real prophecy that would show His great love and His great power. Yehovah’s foreknowledge of the future is why when we see things happening around us that just don’t seem correct we need to seek the word. For all things are under His control and nothing can happen without his OK, so when things out of the ordinary happen let us see why and what is next
SECTION 3: WHAT IS COMING FOR THE WICKED AND ADULTEROUS GENERATION. Yehovah gets angry when the level of pure evil coming out of each person is intense. Yeshua gave us a hint of when there would be great trials coming to the whole earth. He used two key words wicked and adulterous. In the previous section we have studied these words in the proper Hebrew context. Now we will see from an in depth look at Mattiyahu/Mat 24 what is in store for us.

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