Stephen and Chelsey are owners of TreCreative, a wedding photography and filmmaking studio based in Chico, CA. As you could imagine we were incredibly honored and stoked when they asked us to film their wedding! The most amazing thing was that they gave us complete creative control to tell their story in our own unique style.

When putting together their film, we knew one thing had to come through and that was their love for storytelling. This character trait comes out of everything they do. Whether that be making beautiful wedding films and pictures or writing tear jerking vows, storytelling is the driving force behind it all.

Stephen and Chelsey made it extremely easy for us to tell their story. They had a first look, wrote their own vows, and even exchanged gifts/letters. All these aspects made it incredibly easy for us to put together an awesome film for them! Although the most amazing thing was that their dad, who was also the officiant, gave a recount of their entire relationship from when they first met all the way to the day Stephen proposed.

As soon as we heard the story from Stephens dad we knew this was going to be the backbone of their film :)

Upon meeting Chelsey and Stephen we quickly found out that they are goofier then two flamingos doing the salsa wearing Hawaiian shirts. Ok, maybe I exaggerated a bit on that last part, but in all seriousness they bring the fun full blast all the time. We brought out this trait in the film by having upbeat songs and quick cuts to mirror the energy level of Chelsey and Stephen’s personalities. We also stuck to 35mm and 50mm focal lengths most of the day to evoke a feeling of fun and goofiness.

Stephen and Chelsey are goofy weirdos for sure but they also have a deep sentimental side. We made sure to capture this as well. Between Stephen crying tears of joy during his vows or Chelsey barely holding herself together reading Stephen’s letter, we had plenty of content to choose from.

This film was truly an honor to create. We are beyond blessed to have gotten to know Stephen and Chelsey and make this awesome film for them!

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