Choreography: d. Sabela grimes in collaboration with performers.
Music: d. Sabela grimes
Venue: Walt Whitman Arts Center
Performers: d. Sabela grimes, James “Cricket” Colter, Richie “Abstrakt” Soto, and Terry “Brooklyn Terry” Wright
Description: Philly XP, is a fictitious science factual reenactment of the Philadelphia Experiment, otherwise known as Project Rainbow. Tapping into the great network of human information the main character, HyperSpace, recalls the history of the experiment; acknowledging that this history lives in the wind and survives in a few books (whose subject matter consist of “conspiratorial” views of history or exploring the “unknown”), as UFO conference table talk, and/or as urban legend passed orally. In this oral, aural and corporeal re-telling there is just as much emphasis on the subtext as there is on context, if not more. Philly XP examines the “conscience of science” by highlighting the personal dilemma of the brilliant scientist Nikola Tesla, offers enough circumstantial evidence to make the story plausible, and twice as much un-circumstantial evidence/coincidences to make it interesting. Lastly, it also connects circulating narratives in African communities about inhumane scientific experimentation on Blacks (Tuskegee), time and space travel and star gazing in respect to the African’s experience in America. Professor is choreographed and performed to convey the moral dilemma that Nikola Tesla faced when contemplating how his scientific discoveries and work could be used in way that was not in alignment with his intentions. String Theory 215 is a journey between worlds, so-called Old Worlds and New Worlds, and parallel universes.

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