One of my first films, or course shot on super-8.
Making this film was, similar to all my early works, a rather spontanuos action. Lydia and me travelled through Italy in our red R4, somewhere in the south there was this hot, cloudless day and this rough landscape with the dried-up riverbed. I always had my super-8-camera with me, and I frankly didnt know what would happen, when I pressed the record button.
Looking at this work today, I would consider it to be an avantgardefilm (even if I hate this elitarian term), since the work in fact explores the possibilities of the medium. By adding a mirror to the system camera-cameraman as a link between both, the character of the film image becomes more evident. The mirror, like the camera, is cutting out parts of the reality, and when they both enter a feedback situation, only the camera remains visible. Even highly self-reflective I would say. ;-) I really like the part, when camera and camera-man are visible as a shadow in the frame of the mirror, against the dark blue sky.
I also made the soundtrack, oops, I meant the "sound art", using an electric shaver, an electric guitar and a 4-tracks tape recorder. Really cool, no?

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