“It will be apparent that it is difficult to discern which properties each thing possesses in reality.” (Democritus, 8th century B.C.)

“Do not wonder that I conceal my name, and refuse to appear to you. Face to face. I have come forward, not for the sake of any paltry glory, or of worldly praise, but to do you good. Moreover, my teachers, even the true philosophers, advised me not thus to risk my life for the sake of obtaining a high place in the world’s esteem, to expose myself to greedy robbers or to give occasion for many crimes by the prostitution of this profound secret. Experience teaches that many philosophers who gave no thought to their personal safety, have been killed and deprived of their tincture by greedy and powerful robbers; and it stands to reason that any one going about with a great treasure in his hand, must fall a prey to brigands.” Anonymous 17th c. from The Hermetic Museum

The Hermetic Museum AR, ThingOscope, and Cloud 9 quilts designed, developed, and created by John Cleater
Cloud 9 quilts fabricated by Judith MacDonald
Audio created by John Cleater with Brian Dewan and Dan Dobson

Instructional Wall Text:
1. After viewing the Cloud 9 quilts through the ThingOscope proceed to The White House with The Hermetic Museum postcard.
2. Download the ‘Layar’ app onto your mobile device and scan the image on the postcard. Use the image as a map. It indicates the physical boundaries of The Hermetic Museum.
3. Click on the spinning eARth on your device to view elements of The Hermetic Museum as you try to make your way towards and inside The White House.

** If no postcards are available, search for Hermetic Museum within the GeoLayers tab of the LAYAR App.

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