New York Times reporter Nan Robertson died this month (10/09) at the age of 83. In memoriam of this courageous reporter (she also led a class action suit against the NYT for discrimination against women, chronicled in her book "The Girl in the Balcony"),
I narrated an excerpt from her Pulitzer-winning essay, "Toxic Shock," and produced a video to accompany it.

In this personal essay, which the NYT published in its Magazine section on 9/19/82, Robertson recalls her battle with Toxic Shock Syndrome in the early 1980s, when the "tampon disease" was just beginning its reign of terror in the U.S. (Now, thankfully, the disease is both preventable and treatable.)

The link to the full story can be found here:

FYI: New York Times archives cost less than five dollars per article. It's well worth the price, plus you'll be supporting one of the very best journalism institutions in the world.


Story by Nan Robertson
Narration by Emily W. Sussman
Original photography by Emily W. Sussman
Television stills courtesy 48 Hours Mystery (CBS)
Film clip from "Andy Warhol's BAD" (1977)
Music by Berlin: "Masquerade" and "The Metro" (1982)

Special thanks to the New York Times

Dedicated to Nan Robertson

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