"Somnus Redux" (2012) 10'
Short experimental film by Wanda Dittrich & Mariusz Wirski
Directed by Mariusz Wirski / cooperation Wanda Dittrich
Written by Wanda Dittrich
Photography Wanda Dittrich, Mariusz Wirski
Edited by Mariusz Wirski
Music by Mariusz Wirski
Cast: Wanda Dittrich, Mariusz Wirski
A Poetic cinematic impression refering back to the 20s avant-garde film - Surrealism and impressionism. A young man unable to control the visions of approaching death and the apocalypse, is sinking into paranoia, losing any sense of reality. The man becomes a threat not only for himself but also for his loved one ... The main inspiration for the film was psychoanalysis as well as the fascination with the avant-garde cinema
MWM ART FILM 2010/2012

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