While travelling through Scandinavia and Turkey for 6 weeks, I had the pleasure of resting my weary travelling feet in some of the finest coffee shops in Europe. Coffee is already an integral part of my daily life, and making it a part of my meandering adventure was truly delightful.

Thanks must go to Becky Davies, my production assistant, travelling buddy, coffee cup holder, and all-round wonderful person who helped out tremendously.

This video was made possible by The Coffee Mag - South Africa's dedicated coffee publication.

Thanks to the most phenomenal coffee shops, roasteries and kind baristas from;
Tim Wendelboe (Oslo, Norway)
Koppi Coffee (Stockholm, Sweden)
Great Coffee (Aarhus, Denmark)
Coffee Collective
Coffeedocia (Goreme, Turkey)

Music: Come On, Feel The Illinois! - Sufjan Stevens

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