Last winter vacation I made some shoots during our stay with my parents in Finland. I was hoping to make a video about how wonderful Finland in winter is. But when I skimmed through the footage I saw that mainly I had frames of my man and of my father working together on some things true man do in the wintertime at the household.
So here comes the video of manly deeds.
I hate trees to be cut, for those who also hate it here it a note - they had to do it with those ones, becouse birches were too old and rotten inside and pine was read to fall down in what to be a lake surface in summer. So men used the time of ice to cut the pine.

Also this year I hope to make a video of women deeds, though we don't do much there, thanks to men:)

Anathema - Dreaming light
(I fell in love with this music and knew it much be a sound to my dear Finland).

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