Directed, Filmed & Edited by Tom J Cronin (
Lighting by Donovan Jones
Assisted by Keir Atkinson

The official video for "Here We Stand" by UK Hard Rock band NEW DEVICE, the second single release and title track from their second album "HERE WE STAND"


I'm gonna tell you a story
About how we came to you today
A tale of hope and hangin' on a rope
And doin' it our own way
So sit down don't make a sound

We've been locked out in the cold
And we've been left for dead
We've been hung right out to dry
With a noose around our neck
But here today
We'll rise and say....

Here we stand
We're rising up again
Here we stand
We're far more than you thought my friend
Here we stand
We'll fight for what we built together and
Here we stand
We'll fight for this until the bitter end

My name's on the tombstone that you brought to me today
But just one hitch you son of a bitch
You won't bury me in the clay
We came here to make you
Understand we crossed this land
With the clothes ripped off our back
We're brothers in arms
Through the rights and the wrongs
And we are set for the attack
So here today we'll rise and say....

Hey! What a morning!
The sky is dawning
And the heavens have turned from blue to red
Hey! I got the time
And I feel fine
And you better believe that we'll cross the line tonight

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