For its FUEL TV Signature Series ID, HunterGatherer created a stop motion piece inspired by a synesthesia sort of idea, where music manifests directly as visuals. This was then executed using actual blocks of wood that were hand-cut, painted, arranged and then photographed and animated. The blocks sync to the track, and also form and reform into keyboards, mixers, and more abstract arrangements.

“This idea that one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in other senses fit as an expression of what FUEL TV is all about.” says FUEL TV’s Creative Director Todd Dever. “Music, art and action sports have always had a big influence on each other. This was a great way to express that idea”

FUEL TV’s award-winning Signature Series IDs are inspired by signature skateboard decks created for skateboarders by influential or iconic artists. These Signature Series IDs can serve many purposes: to introduce the audience to new and upcoming artists and/or athletes, or to serve as a way for current athletes and artists to express themselves in art and music.

The HunterGatherer FUEL TV Signature Series ID Credits:
Production/Music: HunterGatherer
Director: Todd St. John
Models & Animation: Todd St. John, Ben Yonda, Leta Sobierajski, Eric Schoenbrunn
Editor: Phil Pinto

SVP & GM: CJ Olivares
Creative Director: Todd Dever
Director On-Air Promotions: Michael Cooley

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