Axial performance by George Quasha and Charles Stein as part of the 23rd Annual Subterranean Poetry Festival in the Widow Jane Mines, Rosendale, New York, August 25th, 2013, curated by Anne Gorrick as part of the Cadmium Text Series. George Quasha on percussion and reading texts ("Enearthing Sounds (preverbs)"); Charles Stein vocal art including text (from "Tornado Island").

Axial performance here combines axial music and axial poetics.

AXIAL MUSIC follows a principle of spontaneous interpersonal composition without the intention of honoring precedent or previous patterns, guided instead by radical following of actual sounds generated in an intentional field. When successful the sound event has a life independent of the musicians and may generate an altered state of listening. See, for instance, "Axial Music for Beach Box," White Box, New York City:

AXIAL POETICS works similarly but within language as a site of self-generating composition which reveals its content in process. See, for instance, "preverbs": and

More on the AXIAL PRINCIPLE in drawing, sculpture, music, poetry, and video at; also poetry, drawing, and photography at

Thanks to Sherry Williams for camera work and technical assistance.

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