I would like to send some Words along with this little Edit of mine. As I got started on this Project, I soon came to the Conclusion: Fuck, there is just no Way that I am ever gonna fit seven years of Austrian Winter Escapes, Saffa Adventures, Mayhem, and Emotions in to one, short, Online Flic. But I still decided to razzle thru a few thousand Pics and Vids. What it turned out to be, is what you get to see. Call it '7 Years in 7 Minutes' if you want. I personally see it as a Tribute to all those who know who they are. But most of all, to the beautiful and amazing Country of South Africa itself. Thank you. You have been good to me! Bliss.
Thanx to my Skateboard & my Snowboard I have been able to travel down South, where my Parents originally are from. On an annual base ever since 2006. When heading there for the first time my intensions we're clear. It was time to search down my Roots and it was time, to start following the beat of that African Drum, thumping loud and clear, deep inside of me. That is where my Odysee began. Bonding with Family and making new Friends, as I walked my Saffa Way. Taking me from the sandy Beaches, along the rough Mountains, leading in to the beautiful Jungle and back out, in to the African plaines. Up thru a 1000 Hills I went, and fuck, I even got to enter a bloody African Kingdom to go Snowboarding with some Austrian Homies of mine. Leaving nothing behind but Footsteps in the Sand. Finding myself with the most insane Memories & Stories to tell. I can happily say, I have found Home. Soon I shall follow the beat of the Drum again, most likely for good.
I hope you enjoy my Homage and sorry if you find yourselves missing in it. It surely was not intentionally. PEACE
# Thank you Skateboarding. You led the Way. You owe me nothing. I owe you everything. #

My Heart will always beat to an African Drum
Footage by: Chris Cab
Additional Footage by: Hias Leinich & Grant McLachlan
Edited by: Chris Cab
All Footage in courtesy of Chris Cab Private

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