This is a 6 minute excerpt from a 13 minute art installation. Entering a plain plywood box the viewers sit in a plush balcony overlooking a hyper-perspective model of an old cinema. They don headphones and through the use of binaural recording the lines between various realities are blurred and sometimes crossed. LIsten with headphones to hear the piece as you would in the installation. Watch in a dark room and turn up the brightness on your monitor. If the video skips, pause it and wait for it to buffer for a 10 seconds.

The Paradise Institute was produced for the Canadian Pavillion at the Venice Bienialle in 2001. The project was curated by Wayne Baerwaldt for Plug In Inc., Winnipeg. The piece won the Premio Speciale of the Venice Bienialle as well as The 4th Benesse Prize.

The Doctor: Volker Spengler
The Nurse: Isabelle Stoffel
The Patient: Jarreth Merz
Running Man: Mike Campbell, Falling Man: Douglas Miller, Men In Bar: Greg Hefford, Jinhan Ko, John Massey, James Carl, Len Kameka, SInger in Bar: Theresa Tova
Singing Voice: Lili Konig
Voices in Audience: Tacita Dean, Mathew Hale, Gordon W., Eva Wein, Paschutan Buzari, Carlo Crovato
Voice Answering Cellphone: Caroline Christov-Bakargiev
Director of Photography: Martin Kukela
Camera Operators: Martin Kukela, Marcus Schlicht, Kim Derko, George Bures Miller
Chase Theme Composed and Orchestrated by Tilman Ritter
Piano Them composed by Cardiff and Miller
Wardrobe: Laura Kikauka, Christian Boerschman
Construction: Mathew Hale, Carlo Crovato, Mark Wehrmeister

Special thanks to Wayne Baerwaldt for his tireless organizing of the project and his generous, positive support throughout.

Thanks to: Thomas Demand, Rodney Graham, Sissie Penolosa, Frederik Meschede, Ike Lanier, Diana Lanier, Leanne Elias, Jim Manis, Dawn King Hunter, Robyn Moody, Luke Stebbins, Mary-Anne McTrowe, Erica Hunt, The University of Lethbridge Theatre Division, Florence French,The Paramount Café, Lori Stringer, Denton Fredrickson, Brian McKenna, Shawn Canning, Rebecca Anweiler, Joseph Anderson, Meg O'Shea, Grant Wilson, Amy Harrison, David Hoffos, Mary-Anne McTrowe, Carrie Tennant, Nathan Tremblay, Sieun Lee, Janice Rahn, John Cardiff, Allan Cardiff, Stew Cardiff, Rob Cardiff, Audrey Cardiff, Paul Sannella and the Cameron House Bar, Brigitta Koelle, Sandra Rechico, John Tupper, Melanie Townsend, Barbara Weiss, Claudia Altman-Seigal, Laurence Luhring, Roland Augustine, Paul Lerchbaumer, Heike Baranowsky, Chistina Leber, Plug In Inc.,The Canada Council for the Arts, The DAAD, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, The Andy Warhol Foundation, The Brussels Fire Department

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