To produce a a film about co-operative values, featuring co-operatives from all over the UK made co-operatively. To be featured as part of the Co-operative Fortnight 2013.

This is one were the end result is only part of the story. The collaborate film project was a user generated film which featured over 40 co-ops from across the UK. Part video, part social media project and all digital. Media co-op devised the project, produced the online training/promotional materials and set up the online resources to enable participants to send us material. Throughout the project we created promotional social media assets. We edited the final films together, to a specially (co-operatively) commissioned sound track. Following the film’s launch medico-op we further promoted the film online through social media.

This is a shortened extract of the final film. A challenge with this project was how to include everyone fairly in the film. To ensure that they could see their contribution which we did by using an extended credit sequence which took the film up to 4 minutes long. You can view that film here:

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