Harry Kopyto, a former lawyer and outspoken advocate for the cause of affordable and accessible justice for the middle class and the poor speaks about his latest struggle to make justice more affordable for the citizens of Ontario.

In 2007, the Government of Ontario (at the lobbying of the legal profession) revised legislation which in effect, gave the Law Society of Upper Canada a monopoly over the practice of the laws which are supposed to be for the protection of the citizens.

Under the revised legislation, good citizens of Ontario can now be criminalized for helping their spouses, their children or their friends in most legal matter. Helping your loved on write an affidavit can result in a hefty fine.

Harry Kopyto wants to change this unfair law which violates the Charter Rights of individuals and to restore the freedom of choice for the citizens of Ontario.

If the Law Society is so confident of the abilility of its members to deliver competent services to the public then why must it rely on legislation to force members of the public to use its members though its monopoly.

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