The documentary explores how modern society has lost connection with our true spirit and provides a roadmap on how we can all find our way "HOME" through open hearted connections, telling our story and being vulnerable.

At the centre of the documentary is the journey of 8 teenage girls from Forster on the Mid North Coast of NSW. These girls have all faced major challenges in life including loss of parents, violence, alcoholism, annorexia and bullying. The girls' journey acts as an example of how the ideas portrayed in the documentary can have real impact and bring about life changing personal change.

The girls have all participated in an art therapy program, run by artist "Donna Rankin", which has brought love, compassion, connectedness and creativity into their lives. This has dramatically changed all of their lives, and the girls are now embarking on a trip of a lifetime to a Vietnamese orphanage, to teach the children the same art therapy course that they themselves participated in - as well as awaken them to the possibilities that lie waiting for them outside their current reality.

Art and creativity will be a major theme in the documentary, as well as community, education, science, psychology, and other more esoteric ideas such as what is spirit, traditional practices of ancient peoples, and healing through giving.

Expert commentary is provided by leading psychologists, musicians, artists, teachers and world champion athletes about how their own experiences of the heart lead them to follow their true path.

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