You can never have too many shoes. The only issue is where do you keep them all?

Climb into the Dream Shoe Closet and see…

Northampton Museum and Art Gallery is developing wider access to its internationally renowned shoe collection and raising the profile of the collection among an audience interested in fashion and design - and among simple shoe lovers.

The Dream Shoe Closet at Vintage at the Wilderness Festival was about reaching this audience.

What did festival goers and designers say? This film and report (link) looks at new ways of reaching audiences – how do Museums reach and connect? What are the difficulties in doing this creatively?

“I’d say museums have to be more adventurous. They just need to be just less over protective - so protective that nothing ever comes out of the store. We’re the ones who are paying money or supporting museums so we need to see these collections in relevant places like this – a place where there’s exciting fashions going on – you need to see the shoe collection here to really inspire you – kind of make it creative and fun.”

Wilderness Festival goer

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