When you see something tooth achingly, diabetes-causing sweet, what do you do to control yourself?

A) Groan and hide
B) Go, "Awwwwwww" and let the fuzzies wash over you?
C) Squirm uncontrollably, while trying to not let out any sound because the couple are actually reliving the story of how they met and are being filmed?

Because of who we are and what we were doing, option C would be the only option. You only pick option A if you are a Grinch. And we'd love for you to pick option B as you watch the story of how Frances and James came together.

We (Wakefield film crew) experienced option C multiple times during the course of filming for this project. There were so many genuine, touching moments that would tug at our hearts as we watched the re-enactment of their story. Frances and James were just so very natural throughout all the different scenes. They basically relived their story for us.

As a writer, one of the most gratifying things is seeing your vision take place, and I couldn't be a happier clam, seeing this story come to life (like that walking dialogue scene by the Richmond Oval shot with the Steadicam :D) . However, this couple exceeded my vision at times, because they were living out their story, and that's even better. Which is awesome :)

What was even more awesome was seeing how they were answers to prayer for each other, meeting each other at the right time, being the right person for each other, and now, about to start life together :) Frances and James, may your marriage be richly blessed by God, may you continue to write blessedly sweet chapters in your life together and may your love shine more and more everyday.

- nouver

ps. Big thank yous to Starbucks, Richmond General Hospital, Richmond Oval and Ceili's.

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