A heron is the star of this music video of The Warp/The Weft song "Night Revision."
More The Warp/The Weft music at: thewarptheweft.com

Video by Chris Pellnat.

Night Revision

I wish to but cannot 
access the flight, still eyes 
and long descent of the heron, 
the harp of its body struck 
with wind. Swollen over the pond, 
the tones of solitude 
diminish as they near me. 
Awake with a fever 
through a night of tumblers 
whose ice barely numbed 
these lips I recant 
what love I swore to-- 
and for the bass drum of the heart 
or the bolting of the door, accept 
a metronome and the muted 
churn of water toward the mill. 
Head on the feather 
pillow, nothing peers back. 
The clamor of hours is not music. 
Beneath the copse of white oak 
there is a point driven deep 
for drinkable water. The bones 
of a dog are lashed still 
to a blossoming lilac. 
And for the ever-fickle heart 
and the bolting of the door, 
I am relearning home 
and the emptiness of love 
that love will fill.

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