The More Perfect Yellow was selected amongst 164 films as the official Winner of
the National Film Challenge. The film also took top prize by winning the highly
coveted Audience Award, as well as awards for Best Director, Best Screenplay,
Best Production Design & Best Use of the Mockumentary Genre.

Hey gang:

I am excited to announce that my film "The More Perfect Yellow" was announced as 1 of the 16 finalists for the National Film Challenge! If you loved "The More Perfect Yellow", I would appreciate your support by voting for my film.

We already made it through the first round of 186 films...please give a fellow brother a hand. Thanks to all of those that enjoyed the film. It is incredible the good vibe and buzz the film has received in every film circle.


National Film Challenge Entry

Genre: Mockumentary

Line: Must say in the film "This is like dejavu all over again"

Character: Must have a character named Mark or Mary Shapiro, and he or she must be unemployed.

Object: Must have a box of matches.

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