Experimental Poetry / Video

Hold Me

I want to leave my soul between your arms,
Because this world is not what i think it was,
The darkness is so cold and hurt so bad,
I remember once i was really happy, alive.

The moments i spend by your side are all i have,
When your kisses were the air that made me breath,
When our hands held each other the heavens shined
And eternity really was in front of our eyes.

Please hold me with all your strength my beloved,
Cause i learned this world is full of pain,
That sometimes suffering is all you pay
Pay for our sins, our pleasure, pay for living.

I know i don’t want to die but it will happen,
Its a rule in this strange universe guided by God,
I wonder if God is still there watching all sad,
Or if it, she, he enjoys while we kill each other.

You just please don’t let me go my angel,
Cause you are all i ever had, all i have,
And if i have to go now better in your arms,
Where i can feel the warm embrace of your love.

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